11:30 to 3:00


Fish Taco

Three Corn Tortilla Tacos with grilled Fish nestled on a bed of Slaw topped with Pico de Gallo, Sour Cream and Guacamole.


Conch Cakes

Our variation of the Maryland Classic. Three Conch Cakes served with a Creole Mayonnaise.


Conch Fritters

Conch ground with Vegetables in a Seasoned Batter & Deep-fried until Golden. 1/2 dozen $6.5


Conch Fingers

Tenderized Conch, Battered & Fried.


Fish Fingers

Local Fish Fillet Strips Battered & Fried until Golden.


White Caps

Local Fresh Fish, with Chopped Celery & Sweet Peppers mixed with Lime & Mayonnaise & served on Toasted Fresh Baked Bread Squares.


Gully Wings

Traditional or Boneless, Breaded or Naked, With or Without Sauce.


Chicken Quesadillas

Grilled Flour Tortilla filled with Monterey Jack & Cheddar Cheese, Black Olives & Jalapenos. Served with Pico de Gallo & Sour Cream. Cheese Only - $10/ With Fish - $16 / Crawfish - $17.25 Add Guacamole - $2



Topped with Monterey Jack & Cheddar Cheese, Black Olives & Jalapenos. Served with Pico de Gallo & Sour Cream. With Chicken - $16.75 / Fish – $18 / Crawfish - $19.25 / Add Guacamole – $2



Bahamian Conch Chowder

Cup $7.5


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Add to any Salad : Chicken - $5 / Fish - $7 / Crawfish - $8 / Steak - $6.5

Bahamian Crawfish Salad

Freshly prepared with Local Crawfish served on a Bed of Lettuce.


Edge Salad

Baby Mixed Greens, Hearts of Palm, Artichokes, Kalamata Olives, Tomatoes. Served with a Tangy Mango Vinaigrette Dressing & Lightly Breaded Fried Goat Cheese.


Asian Salad

Shredded Nappa Cabbage & Romaine tossed with Carrots, Mandarin Oranges & Snow Peas in a Sesame-Soy-Lime Vinaigrette. Topped with Crispy Chow Mein Noodles & Toasted Sesame Seeds.


Lisa's Fresh Kale Salad

Granny Smith Apples, Dried Cranberries and Red Onion. Tossed with Lisa's Dressing.

$19 /sm $9.75

Caesar Salad

Romaine Lettuce with our Homemade Caesar Dressing & Croutons. Topped with Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese.

Lg. $16.25 / Sm. $8.75

Greek Salad

Romaine, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Red Onions, Kalamata Olives, Capers, Pepperoncini & Feta Cheese. Tossed in our Greek Dressing.

$19.25/ sm$10

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Grilled or Fried Chicken dipped in a Spicy Sauce, on a bed of Romaine Lettuce, Candied Walnuts, Tomatoes, Red Onions, & Blue Cheese Crumbles. Served with a Blue Cheese Dressing.


Garden Salad

Mixed Salad Greens, Choice of Dressing.

Lg. $16.25 / Sm. $8.75

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Sandwiches are served with a choice of French Fries, Spicy Fries, Peas-n-Rice, Baked Macaroni & Cheese, Fried Fresh Plantain, Small Garden Salad, Small Caesar Salad or Coleslaw. (Sweet Potato Fries – Add $2)

Fish Burger

Locally caught “Catch of the Day” Grilled, Fried or Blackened.


Conch Burger

Tenderized Local Conch, Battered & Fried.


Chicken Burger

Boneless Chicken Breast, Grilled, Fried, Blackened or BBQ.



Add American, Cheddar, Swiss or Blue Cheese $15


Gordon Burger

Breaded & Fried Boneless Chicken Breast with American Cheese & Bacon.



Traditional Classic, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato on Toast


Club Sandwich

Triple Decker Turkey, Ham, Bacon & American Cheese.


Chicken Club Sandwich

Triple Decker Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast, with Bacon & American Cheese.


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Wraps are served with a choice of French Fries, Spicy Fries, Peas-n-Rice, Baked Macaroni & Cheese, Small Garden Salad, Small Caesar Salad, or Coleslaw. (Sweet Potato Fries – Add 2)

Black Bean & Goat Cheese Wrap

Black Beans seasoned with Onions & Garlic, layered with Yellow Rice, Goat Cheese & Salsa. With Chicken $19.50


Jerk Chicken Wrap

Jerk Seasoned Chicken Breast Grilled, Baby Mixed Greens, Cream Cheese & Mango Chutney.


Chicken Caesar Wrap

Grilled Chicken Breast, Romaine Lettuce, Red Sweet Peppers, Parmesan Cheese & Our Own Caesar Dressing. Substitute Fried or Grilled Fish $19.25


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** Ask About Our Daily Lunch Specials **
Gluten Free Bread & Buns are Available.
Please Let Your Server Know of Any Food Allergies. 


Cracked Conch Plate

Tenderized Local Conch, Lightly Battered & Fried.


Fish Plate

Locally caught Catch of the Day, Grilled, Fried, or Blackened, served with Fried Plantain, Coleslaw & your choice of French Fries, Baked Macaroni & Cheese, or Peas-n-Rice.


Conch in the Bag

Tenderized Conch, Lightly Battered & Fried, served with French Fries, topped with Ketchup & Hot Sauce, wrapped in aluminum foil & served in a paper bag.


Bahamian Fried Chicken


Chicken in the Bag


Conch in the Bag


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Peas & Rice $4 • Fried Fresh Plantain $5 • Coleslaw $3.50 • Baked Mac. & Cheese $6 • French Fries $5 • Spicy Fries $6 • Basket of Sweet Potato Fries & a Brown Sugar Aioli $8.25

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Bahamian Key Lime Pie

Fresh Baked Bahamian Key Lime Pie with a Meringue Topping.


Coconut Pie

Warm Coconut Pie, topped with Whipped Cream


Guava Cheese Cake

A Delicious Guava Cheesecake, topped with a Guava Purée.


Chocolate Pecan Gateau

Rich chocolate cake layered with Pecan Praline & Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with Chocolate Ganache & Whipped Cream.


Brownie Sundae

A warm Double Fudge Brownie, covered with Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream & Chocolate Syrup.


Ice Cream


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